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Pilot your company with TerraTime

TerraTime is a stamping solution suitable for SMEs that employ workers and use machines to perform services. The application allows you to manage jobs invoiced to customers, internal jobs, loan and maintenance of machines/vehicles.

The main features

Entry of hours and types of work.

Multi-project management, differentiation between work billed to clients and internal work

Management of vehicles and machines

Assign a vehicle or machine for a job, manage loans, add fuel and maintenance history.

Multi-employer management

An employee can enter data for different employers through the same account.


Setting up custom fields

Adding custom fields in the input form specific to the area of expertise 


Export data according to a period such as :
- Employee hours
- Settlement of benefits (internal or external)
- Use/loan and maintenance operation of machines and vehicles

Perfectly suited for

business such as 

Farming operation


Construction companies

Cleaning companies

Transport companies

And many others...

A simple interface

Can be used on all supports. 

Our prices

Tired of heavy and expensive subscription systems? We offer you our one-time sale application with low maintenance costs to be paid once a year.


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Who are we?

We are Kreatic Lab SNC and we are based in the canton of Fribourg, in Belfaux.

After having developed an application for the management of self-service stores with the Domaine de Cormagens, our partners told us about the problems related to the management of employees and machines. The solutions offered on the market were far too cumbersome and complicated. So we developed TerraTime together with them in order to obtain a reliable, easy to use and customizable solution, without being a gas factory.